Outdoor Urban Fashion 101: Ideas and Tips

With the summer months coming in, it's the perfect time to start planning a new wardrobe. If you are an outdoorsy type and need your wardrobe to be both functional and stylish, it can be a tricky balance to strike. Invest a little time and do a little research, and you can have both options at your fingertips in no time. 

Good durable footwear 
A good pair of boots are a must have, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors or on various terrains! You can wear all manner of durable boots either tucked into jeans when the rain comes on, or with a dress or skirt and tights when the weather is nicer. Just make sure they are properly lined to keep the rain out. 

Simple pieces for layering 
Being exposed to the elements often means that layering is essential, which requires your wardrobe needs to be full of light, simple pieces in neutral shades, designed to be worn underneath your waterproof jacket. Think classic cut t-shirts, in colours like black and grey. Darker shades won’t stain so easily, therefore will have greater longevity than whites and beiges. Having a cardigan or two is also a good idea, with many high street stores offering an array of colours and wools to suit every budget. Layer your plain t underneath a warm cardigan, with your Barbour jacket and boots. 

A sturdy backpack 
Although they have never been known for being particularly fashionable, backpacks have been making something of a comeback in recent months. Coachella music festival was held but a few months ago and every fashion icon was wearing one, so don't be afraid. Choose one in a pastel shade for a look that's right on trend, or if this is a bit too outlandish, go classic in tan leather; for a look your whole wardrobe will coordinate with. 

Practical accessories 
Cotton headbands both look great, and keep your hair out of your eyes when you are on the go. They are also a great way to inject a little colour into your wardrobe neutrals. Choose primary colours if you have blonde hair, and pastel shades if you are dark. Red heads look great in forest colours like emerald greens and burgundy. 

A warm outdoor jacket 
For an outdoor jacket that’s both functional and fashionable, opt for a Barbour jacket available from Outdoor and Country, as they are waterproof, hard wearing, and have been a wardrobe staple on the fashion scene in recent years; particularly with festival goers. One great benefit with opting for a Barbour coat is that with just a little waxing once every other year you can add years to its life! Thornproof dressing is available from most Barbour stores; all you need to do is place it in a bain-marie to soften it. Using a soft cloth lightly spread the wax on your jacket, focusing on the arms and shoulders (which will get the most battering from the rain.) Once this has fully rubbed in, set the wax with a hairdryer and hang it up somewhere warm. It’s well worth this quick and easy little process to keep your Barbour looking good as new for a very long time!

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  1. I've seen some gorgeous tasselled leather backpacks around lately! Great post btw.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination